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    Peter Langmar

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    We incubate tech ventures. As IT professionals our focus is on tech - lucky for both you and us it is a diverse field and allows us to adventure out, learn and experiment with diverse areas. We focus on market financed solutions that deliver immediate value for end users and faster ROI for us, the shareholders. Helping startups quickly craft relevant products. They also team up with bigger companies on risky/experimental projects. Booom helps validate your ideas and move your business forward.


    Green Fox Academy is an opportunity for non-coders to reboot their careers and become developers - with almost 100% success in the job market.


    The social impact of our work has been very important to us since the beginning. In 2015 we founded Green Fox to help those motivated, talented young people start their IT career, who have been unable to find a satisfactory job, in terms of both professional challenges and existential opportunities. The Impact Report summarizes the positive social effects of Green Fox.

    THE VC

    The hardware accelerator launches cutting edge IoT ideas into working businesses. A partnership of key industry partners ensure an ecosystem of hardware, software and mechatronics experts.


    The first specialized Hardware and IoT investor in the CEE region. Where investment experience is combined with prototyping expertise and equipment, business development support, and startup management know-how. Our main focus areas are Mobility, Industry 4.0, and medical technologies. Besides providing pre-seed funding in the range of 20-200k EUR, we support our portfolio companies in

    • building fit-for-purpose MVPs and prototypes,
    • jumpstarting customer and business development,
    • designing and sharpening business models, and
    • preparing for raising follow-up funding.


    Social media content recommendation and collaboration platform. User generated content is to rule rich media communications, so there is a clear need to aggregate, recommend and reuse, or remix such content into new stories.

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